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It's necessary to consider simple scientific truths when it comes to the nutrition you place inside your body three times a day, the toxins you choose to actively engage with, and the toolsets you reach for in order to alleviate common stressors.  Unfortunately, you might default to unhealthy choices due to one of five reasons: stress, convenience, unhealthy habits, social influence, and/or lack of knowledge. 

In my professional experience, one of the most common reasons I come across in many people is simply a lack of knowledge. This inspires me to inform you, through evidence, of the science behind health and nutrition. From the foods you eat, to the fragrances you wear, to the type of water you drink, there are many topics that should be studied in order to help you make better-informed lifestyle choices every single day.  Within my educational courses and classes, I present the science behind the “why” so that you can feel better equipped to choose the “what” for yourself.

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Educating with Purpose

I provide live online classes for students (ages 13+) who are interested in introductory lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology through the application of food and nutrition. We tackle topics/questions such as leaky gut, hidden toxins lurking in the home, GMOs, the addictive nature of sugar, and much much more. 

Classes are interactive and provide added resources for independent exploration at the end of each lesson. 

I also provide stand-alone classes for adults (ages 18+) who are interested in specific topics that pertain to optimum health and vitality. 

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Every school needs to adopt this curriculum and teach it to EVERY CHILD! I wish I had learned true health information when I was younger.

Nicole - NY

I must admit that I initially felt very overwhelmed with the information that I was receiving... especially as it related to the toxins and other unhealthy ingredients in food, as well as body products. I honestly thought... “It’s really too late for me to start correcting this now.” 

But... it was as though you read my thoughts one day. As I was having this recurring thought, you said something like, “Don’t feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to start changing everything all at once.” Then, you began to explain that all we had to do was start to examine the ingredients in the products that we use or eat. You encouraged us to simply start to think more about what we put into... and onto our bodies. With that being said, I instantly felt peace, which enabled me to listen with understanding, instead of trying to memorize every product that you mentioned. While your information about certain products was extremely helpful, what I appreciated just as much (if not more) was the manner in which you simply appealed to our common sense and judgment.

Even though I know I still might make some unhealthy choices at times, the operative word is “choices.” Your classes made me feel more empowered. I know now that I have the power to choose what I put into... and onto my body. And I know that while I might not be  making perfect choices all the time... I am definitely making better choices... thanks to you, Jessica!

Kathy - MS

This class was incredibly empowering because I finally understood the “why” behind making healthier choices. I am used to being taught how to achieve a normal healthy lifestyle, rather than an optimal one. This class was a game changer in that I was taught how to make my health thrive day to day, rather than just get by. My choices behind foods and household toxins changed not because I was simply told to, but because I finally understood how my simple every day choices could make a world of a difference in achieving optimal health.

Caitlin - MO

No one is in a position to pass up on the vital health information that Jessica offers in her classes.

Jennifer - TN

It’s not that people don’t have a desire to learn more about healthy eating and healthy living, but the reality is that, that desire has been quenched with a continuous flow of incomplete truths and omissions, and in some cases, outright falsehoods. Your sessions encouraged us to first shutdown the flow and examine the source. Secondly, your sessions empowered us to give meaningful thought to what was shared, offering a means for validation. Lastly, the sessions taught us to stop accepting for fact those things we hadn’t examined for ourselves. It’s the omissions that get us!

Orpheus - TN

I found the classes to be super informative and well-researched. I especially enjoyed the resources Jessica added that allowed me to continue my own journey of learning-as well as the tools that allowed me to see how even my own common household products may be negatively impacting me and my environment.

Ruth - NY

 Now, more than ever, we live in a time of increasing uncertainty and diminishing resources. Jessica Stephens gives her listeners (including me) the information needed to recognize environmental changes, adapt accordingly when those changes cause hidden dangers, and thrive by implementing simple habits. Her class is engaging, entertaining, and essential. Everyone should sign up NOW!

Melanie - TN

Informative. Accessible. Valuable. Jessica has such a gift for breaking down complicated concepts and making them understandable. Taking control of one’s health doesn’t have to be a monster undertaking. Her premed background will satisfy the scientifically inclined, while her patience and approachability will encourage those who may find those topics intimidating. Her classes are a wonderful resource to learn about simple but important changes that can have a big impact on your quality of life and overall well-being.

Sarah - MA

I can’t recommend Jessica’s class highly enough! During each session, she broke the information down in ways that make sense even though I don’t have a science or health background. She helped me understand the science behind how what I eat is affecting my body, which helps drive my motivation to be healthier! I'm a super inquisitive person and Jess was always willing to answer my questions and made sure I understood before moving on. Anyone who takes a class with her will learn so much and be better and healthier for it!

Briana - IL

Let me start by saying, I have always exercised and kind of watched what I ate. I also accepted most conventional medicine precepts without question even when results didn't warrant such blind confidence. What Jessica's Health ReDefined series has taught me is to question provential norms and to be more proactive in my own healthcare. 
And what I love about her approach is that she is so clear with her analyses. It's not preachy or stodgy but more conversational. She also gives historical and linear research for the information covered so that you can reach your own conclusions with more complete data. 
I have been informed and often shocked but always made more aware. I look forward to continuing my journey with Jessica and Health ReDefined!

Michael - MS

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